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Aug 8, 2013 5:30am PDT
.s. president barack obama has pulled out of friday's summit in russia, a new low in the growing tensions between washington and moscow. the main conflict has been over syria. at that is just one of several issues pulling the 2 -- but that is just one of several issues pulling the two countries apart. >> of all the things they have -- washington and moscow have clashed over, none has been more divisive than syria. a steadfast ally of syria and has continued to sell arms to damascus throughout the conflict as western support for syrian rebels has gained momentum. it has colored all relations between russia and the u.s., which were not great to begin with when barak obama took office -- barack obama took office in 2009. the missile defense program based in europe also raised moscow's hackles. that was finally shelved in april of this year. the obama administration has regularly criticized the russian government on human rights, including anti-gay legislation. after the president was reelected, the russian government has been basically told by the obama administration, let's frame a common a
Aug 19, 2013 5:30am PDT
attacked to win. today, chronicling the ongoing violence rocking egypt. michelle obama to release a hip- hop album as part of her anti- obesity campaign. and a new york artist creating collages. cartoonists in egypt again chronicling political developers in their country during the 2011 revolution, publishing in newspapers and online. the past few days, their work is focused on clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted president, and marcy -- mohamed morsi. she contributes to the liberal party's paper. you present the situation from the army point of view and present the position of the muslim brotherhood is dangerous. site,g for another jonathan guyer says the egyptian press serves to support the ruling military. sissipicture compares al- to nasser, the founder of modern egypt. of the armyritical publish their works on the internet to avoid being censored. that goes with thi -- the artist of the strong. evictedtary formally pro morsi supporters from their protest camps. they criticized the armed forces in the satirical cartoons posted to facebook. in this drawing, he ima
Aug 9, 2013 5:30am PDT
. which were already strained when barack obama took office in early 2009. missile defense program based in europe also raised eyebrows in moscow. it was shelved in april of this year. the obama administration has regularly criticized russia on human rights, such as the death in custody of a lawyer and recent anti-gay legislation passed by the duma. the decision to offer whistleblower edward snowden asylum has soured further. a particular sore spot, one u.s. says will be on today's agenda. >> we have a lot of fish to fry, if you will, with the russians. we have a lot of issues to engage with the russians over. there will be a host of topics. of ours is not the focus engagement of russia but not something we are dropping by any means. it am however turbulent, the white house says its relationship with russia is still extremely important. >> as you just saw in that report am a russia's anti-gay laws are another point of contention between the world powers. moscow has a legislation is sparking controversy elsewhere, this is the country prepares to host the winter olympic games in january. a
Aug 20, 2013 5:30am PDT
, the national security agency, united kingdom franchise -- you see the eagle with obama and a little puppet, which is a british cop am a banging around the terror act there. there is a real threat at the moment to journalists. >> there is an interesting article by alan rush berger, and he says that -- that alan rush bridger, he says it is a dangerous place to be if you are a journalist, and he defends the guardian's coverage of the snowden story and says the key question is whether something is of public interest. he says however troublesome all this information is, the documents did really spark a debate, a public debate that needed to be had, the debate being what is the right balance between national security and privacy. he also said that he received threats from the british government to get rid of the documents. he said he received a call telling him that you have had your fun, now we want the suspect back. but he makes this pledge, saying we will continue to be a patient painstaking reporting on these ottomans, and the fact that maranda's laptop was seized will not make any differenc
Aug 14, 2013 5:30am PDT
-- the country's of the 2022 world cup, fearing hot temperatures. the obama administration temporarily closed nearly two dozen diplomatic missions and issued a travel alert earlier this month. american officials say they intercepted communications in which the current head of al qaeda ordered the group's leader in yemen to carry out an attack. the global security alert has renewed speculation that serious plots are a follow -- are afoot against western interests. >> in a sweeping response to fears over possible al qaeda attack, 19 u.s. missions have closed as a possible -- as a precaution. metns of al qaeda leaders in an event that heightened fear and awareness of terrorist threats. >> the closures reflect the intelligence community's assessment of al qaeda's potential to strike a large swath of territory. >> it is really a window for al qaeda to demonstrate its relevance to the world. >> according to experts, correspondence between al qaeda -- ali'm in a theory qaeda chief ayman al-zawahiri and others is what prompted the latest alert. it was one of bin laden's closest associates, recently p
Aug 23, 2013 5:30am PDT
conference. meanwhile, u.s. president barack obama has said there is a more abbreviated timeframe now to deal with the crisis. childer of registered refugees fleeing the violence in syria has now topped the one million mark. the head of the un's children's agency unicef has warned that this marker is not as a number of, but it is real children being ripped from their homes. jennifer lutz reports. ,> these children seem happy perhaps because they are safer here than they would be at home. the children are attending school in the refugee camps in neighboring jordan, home to 130,000 syrians. they are led in exercise games and it games to keep them entertained. here, days before we came the principal told us the army was planning to occupy our school. in those days, we would see the rockets flying directly above us , and we were trying to hide from them. that is my uncle suggested that we leave. u.n.,ording to the children make up half of all refugees and the syrian complex. one million children have been forced to leave their country, and over 2 million displaced within syrian borders. >> we see
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6